How to maintain the laptop battery

The use of battery maintenance 
1. In the absence of an external power supply, if the current working condition temporarily fails to use the card in the PCMCIA slot, it is recommended to remove the card first to extend the battery life. 
2. Room temperature (22 degrees) is the optimum operating temperature for the battery. Operating environments with too high or low temperatures will reduce battery life. 
3. When using the laptop in an environment that provides a stable power source, removing the battery can extend the battery life. For Asus laptops, when the battery power is fully charged, the charging circuit in the battery is automatically turned off, so no overcharging occurs. 
4. It is recommended that battery power calibration be performed for an average of three months. 
5. Minimize the number of times the 
battery is used The number of times the battery is charged and discharged is directly related to the lifespan. Each time the battery is charged, the battery is advanced to the next step. It is recommended that you use external power as much as possible. 
6. When using an external power supply, remove the battery (lithium batteries are not included in this column). 
Some users often plug and unplug the power supply many times during the day, and the laptop computer has a battery. In doing so, the damage to the battery is even greater. Because each time the external power supply is connected, it is equivalent to charging the battery once, and the battery naturally lives for a long period of time (especially for NiMH and NiCd batteries, which do not exist in lithium batteries). 
7. Recharge after exhaustion and avoid charging for too long. 
Your notebook is using a nickel-metal hydride battery and a nickel-cadmium battery. Be sure to run out of charge before charging (electricity is less than 1%). This is to avoid memory effect. The best way. 
8. General precautions 
for use In normal use, it is necessary to prevent exposure, prevent moisture, prevent chemical liquid from corroding, and prevent contact of battery contacts with metal objects.